My name is Mario Cantin. I own and operate a company called Invisible Tuckpointing in Toronto, Canada, and I also consult over long distance, although I can also travel if needed.

I have researched the field of building conservation as it relates to brick mortar restoration and developed / perfected techniques to achieve brick mortar replacement with a perfect match in color, texture and composition every single time, and without the associated costs that usually come with expensive heritage preservation expertise.

My mission is to help ensure brick mortar replacement work that looks so good, one can’t tell where the work has been done, therefore contributing to the preservation of our historic fabric.

The current standard for this type of work, fueled by the misconception that "one cannot possibly match old mortar", is sub-standard and is creating worse conditions than the actual initial need for the repairs; and these worsened conditions will subsequently have to be dealt with by either this generation or by upcoming ones.

I don't want to sound too dramatic, but there's also the danger of losing a substantial share of the historic complexion of our cities as residential home owners try to hide the damage caused by misrepairs through the use of stucco, paint or exterior claddings.

"Invisible tuckpointing" -- a term I've coined -- is a system of techniques I've developed to ensure that when the mortar is replaced, the difference between the old and the new cannot be seen.